Gresford, where ***** rule.


  Gresford, a small village, a part of Wrexham. Gresford is home town to all types of ****, old, young, poor, rich, all united in a hatred against those who oppose them and their ****-tastic ways.

  Gresford is considered to generally be a better part of Wrexham, as it appears to be less ******** with *****. But believe you me, especially recently, the ***** have been out. It seems I can’t walk down to spar, a two minute walk away, without seeing at least three *****, and many more mini-*****.
  Mini-*****, the smaller, somehow more arrogant and ignorant form of the ****. They think so much of themselves, they think they can do anything. I’m not yet an adult, and am infact only 15, but I am still a lot older than many of these **** on earth, and so should demand some respect. I know when I was their age I wouldn’t dare intimidate somebody, maybe twice my age, yet these pathetic excuses of human beings find they have the right, and power to try and intimidate and threaten me. Just last weekend, one passed me in the street, and tried to start a fight, the boy was well over a head shorter than me, and I know him from my primary school, the kid’s 5 years younger than me, and he tried to start a fight!
  Of course I had no intention to be caught beating up a child five years my junior, so I simply implied he was gay, and confused him with some complicated insults, and his threats turned out to be hollow, no surprises there. The fact that he had the nerve to do this though I think is atrocious, and if he tries to pull anything similar in the future, I will take up his challenge to a fight, and show no mercy whatsoever.
  Just today, following an argument on msn, in which I was repeatedly insulted by some filthy ****, also from my primary school, her and some of her friends came to my house, I was shocked that they would do this, but they did nothing, when confronted most ***** crumble, and resort to arguing with no threats, which they aren’t good at, and if you can get them into this position you’ve generally won the "battle," and won’t be hearing from them again.
  It may seem sometimes that everybody from my primary school is a ****, and in thinking this I wouldn’t be far wrong. This is mainly down to the fact that most people from my old school went to Darland, the nation’s ****-breeding-ground. I’m not saying everybody there is a **** by any means, I know a couple of people there who aren’t *****, and these people are generally segregated from the rest of the school, and are often bullied harshly. I know several non-***** who went there who had to leave the school and go to St. Josephs, before they were forced into chavvyness, a far better school. But for the vast majority, all hope is lost, they are easily converted into the **** by peer pressure. Infact, out of a class of 36, 30 went to Darland, 6 to other schools, only myself getting into King’s school, a refuge from the horrors of *****, for the most part. And from my class of 36, 33 are *****, 2, emo, and then me, a nobody.
  The two emos from my old class are my friends, they used to be such happy people before they went to the school, but now, they are subject to scrutiny for the clothes they wear and the music to which they listen.
What a world we live in.
(Sorry if parts of this seem a bit thrown together, I find it difficult to concentrate when I’m angry xD)

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