Great Notley

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Great Notley is definitely part of Chavland. However it is a suttle part. Many of the C***s here try to pretend not to be C***s. They try to put on airs and graces but they betray themselves carelessly because of their ignorance. They call lavatories "toilets" and napkins "serviettes" and so on, but try to live what they believe is an affluent life style. They try to be like the nouveau riche but without having the riches, and without having any culture.

They live on credit with large debts and large mortgages, but cannot find the money to pay their weekly paper bill often. Most of them cannot speak proper English and they are essentially an overflow from Braintree, which is also already rightly identified hereon as a C**v Town. Many of them believe they have bought an expensive house of their dreams in Great Notley, but they do not realise until they move in that their house has no front garden nor any plot to go with it; then they experience the claustrophobia of windows with eyes looking at them from all around. Some then try to sell up when they realise that they have made an awful mistake, but by then they are already suffering from negative equity and trapped in a nightmare. By then it is too late, and the debts begin to mount. Many took out second mortgages to pay for the supposed affluent life style which they could not really afford but wanted to pretend that they could. Now with rising costs the total monthly repayments are becoming an unbearable burden.

Their kids are mostly badly behaved and troublesome. They like the rest in Chavland go about in menacing gangs or groups, throwing litter everywhere and damaging any artifacts in their path for which they do not have any respect. They like most other C**v kids now seem to be able to get cans and bottles of alcoholic drink under-age from somewhere here and this makes their behaviour worse, as they drink this in the public areas. They ride their bicycles and scooters straight at you on the pedestrain thoroughfares, and if you do not move sideways pretty sharpish then there is no knowing what damage you might suffer.

So Great Notley is a bit different from Braintree, and tries to pretend to be what it is not, but really it is Chavland just like Braintree has become. The difference is that Braintree was originally a nice and respectable place, until it became swamped by C***s; Great Notley started off right from the beginning being what it is. It was bought lock stock and barrel by C***s, and really these are the very worst type of C***s, because they are C***s trying to pretend that they are not C***s and that they have much more money than C***s. Mostly the money which they appear to have though is in reality from indebtedness. Of course the reality is that no one with breeding and real money would buy an overpriced house in Great Notley with no plot, no front garden and squashed in with all the adjacent houses. That sums it up really.

Some places start off as nice places but sadly become inhabited by C***s; a few like Great Notley are designed right from the start for C***s and to be inhabited by C***s. This is one place to keep clear of unless you are a committed and incorrigable C**v !

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