Great Kingshill is S**m of the Earth

BuckinghamshireSouth East
I was once young and inexperienced and I foolishly visited a dump of a town- Great Kingshill, by far the number 1. If you want your car burnt up and broken into, or c***s swearing and making noise 24-7 then this is the town for you. It is the burger sandwiched between other garbage towns such as High Wycombe, Slough and Aylesbury. Youths skateboard all night and deal drugs and make noise in the local park. They constantly vandalise the local cricket club and burn out local cars. There are lots of c**v flats wherever you look and it is sad to see a once decent town turn into a town full of morons and hooligans. There are often riots in the local pub and illegal car races and joy riding around the streets. A friend of mine once had to move out due to rowdy and rough neighbours and vowed never to return, he said he would rather die. If I had my way Great Kingshill would be burnt down because if it was it would be in a better state than it is now! Youngsters in hoodies and baseball caps with diamond earings need to be thrown out of this slum of a junkyard. I conclude, pleasae do not waste ypur money and move to this trash site because you’ll just end up sad and scared just like my friend. Remember: "Stay Clear of Great Kingshill" 

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