Great Harwood

North West

Ahh, Great Harwood. Although it has the word Great in it’s name it isn’t a town to move to in a hurry. You hit the mainstreet after 6pm, all the scallies have finished school, college and/or going to the doal office and they will be hovering around (hovering off crack). The new skatepark is a meeting place for all the ***** from Great Harwood and the neighbouring areas, if there isn’t alot of cheap cider and vodka being drunk on there it will be subject to wannabe graffiti artists and the full suspension £15 bikes tearing the **** out of the place. The Co-op car park seems to have losts its apeal, but your bound to see some sort of lootish **** activity going on in one of the many parks around the area. If you go to the corners either side of bargin booze your bound to hear “Ere ya are mate can ya buy us some cider”. Which as it happens is close to the skatepark.

Come take a look… Its chavtastic

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