If kent is the garden of england then GRAVESEND must b the manure they used as fertiliser! everywhere u turn is full of *****, with their **** babies & their air of ********* pollutes the town.

Gravesend ***** are pretty standard – trackie bottoms, bright white trainers (or occasionally expensive Nike Shox nicked frm the local JJB), hoody and a baseball cap, plenty of ‘bling’ (more like ming) & in the case of ********* a standard of a slicked back high ponytail accessorised by some LARGE hoop earrings with diamond balls or your name going across them, optional – the remanants of the full ton of slap worn on the previous night out ‘daaan the pocock & the grove’.

Their hangouts are (daytime) outside mcdonalds, the pound store or even better the 99p store, or good ol’ gravesend market! of a night if u wanna avoid the ***** my advice is…..dont go near gravesend town centre! u get about a million mini-***** who want 2 fight u & ur friends & then if you stand up 2 them they phone their dad/brothers/uncle/entire extended ****** family to kick ten bells of s**t out of ur ***.

How grim is your Postcode?

of course the police are too scared to do a thing – last bonfire night the ***** on kings farm blew up a police car & van then **** up the coppers that were left stranded. so we have 2 endure walkin past the ***** & put up with them harassing u at the station with ‘gis a paaaand!? wot u f**kin tight or sumink? its only a paaaand, u ****’ & wanting 2 reply ‘if its only a pound u little *** then y aint u got 1 urself? oh i forgot its tuesday, you must have spent all your benefits already.’

…and don’t even get me started on their ****-mobiles with their blaring music & the exhuast that sounds like its got a giant hole where it shouldnt have! vauxhall stopped making the nova cos it was ****, no one wanted em anymore & they rust quicker than a paperclip in acid! the other fave of gravesend ***** is the renault 5, its a camper’s car!! should b driven by people called Fred & Maude who enjoy holidays 2 dorset & the cotswolds!
GRRRRRRRRRRRRR, i need to get out of ‘Chavsend’

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