Living in Gravesend, Kent
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Gravesend, Otherwise known as the armpit of Kent. I Have lived in gravesend all my life
i have visited many other crap towns across kent like Lewisham, Dartford, Chatham and so on and not one so far, has even came near to being as chav infested as Gravesend.

Being stereotyped as a ‘Goth’ Or ‘Emo’ it kinda sucks for my people down here.
I’m a 16 year old girl and have on more than one occasion have been threatened by a massive group of chavs brandishing metal poles, knives and planks of wood with nails stick out of them, and demanding that us ‘F**king dirty grungers’ give them our money, phones and so on.

It isn’t nice.

I mean we believe that Safety in numbers is our best way of surviving, but however this is not the case anymore. As even in large groups of 40 (yes thats quite a few freaks) we can still be belittled by 3 or 4 chavs. All we do is sit on a patch of grass in the local church Graveyard (not good for the stereotype i know) and chat, smoke and have fun.

They are just scum. No one can even walk about Gravesend town centre without getting threatened, spat at and so on. Some people i know, some of the most docile humane lovely people i know, have had to start taking knives out with them to protect themselves if the worst should happened and even worse Boy Chavs Threaten to hit GIRLS.

So yes, I think Gravesend is one of the most chav filled, disgustingly stereotypical town you will EVER find.

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