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I know this has been done before but it really has to be emphasised. I’ve lived here almost my entire life but travelled around Britain a lot and nowhere have I come across a place more c**v infested than Gosport. If Chavland was a country then Gosport would be it’s capital city without a doubt.

Everywhere you turn theres a burberry cap, a kappa tracksuit or a group of loudmouth c***s wanting a fight. I just got back from uni and within four hours of being home I had already been jumped by a group of slack jawed, burberry wearing knuckleheads known as the ‘Forton Crew’. They smashed a bottle in one of friends faces just because we said ‘we don’t want any trouble’. They live by the ‘MY brothers just got out of prison’ mentality and strut around Gosport highstreet like they own the place.

On top of the infamous ‘Forton Crew’ Gosport boasts some enviable chavscum stastics. For four years running Gosport has been the Teenage pregnancy capital of Europe and Gosport has the highest crack user ratio in Britain. Its a vertiable hive of lowlife, Nickelson wearing losers whose vocabulary barely stretches past ‘nah’, ‘innit’, ‘gash’ and ‘savage’.

The trouble with Gosport, and Portsmouth, is that C***s are an institution. There numbers are growing everyday. A C**v grows up to be a C**v Dad with his C**v wife (who looks like a cross between Christina Aguileras older more STD ridden mother and road kill) and they have C**v kids. The Cycle will continue this way until Gosport, and every middle of the road back water town in England has been taken over by C***s and their offspring.

I say we start the revolution now! Hit the C***s where it’ll hurt most – right in the Nova. Let it begin in Gosport. Humanity should fight back before it’s too late.

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