This has to be **** capital of south Wales. You only have to look at the High Street any night especially Friday nights (this is national **** night) **** boys may just may leave their burberry baseball caps off for the evening and slick their hair with so much gel if it melted in the hot sun you would need to call the local fire bridgade out to degrease the road. Then the *********, having off loaded their sprog on whoever may ave em go out in best chavved up uniform consisting of pelmet skirt, there is more material in the scrunchy in their slicked up ponytails. barely existent 100% polyester and lycra top with not just midriff showing but **** ******* out the bottom. they are so large from ******* around such wonderous local haunts as the roma fish bar the raj indian takeaway bodrums kebab house southern fried chicken pizza parlour etc etc etc, they have arses like gypseys ponies. Just put a white arrow on their back with a keep left sign and treat them like a roundabout. There are so many eateries in Gorseinon the square inch before long you will not be able to put a pin between these fatuous individuals. I must get out before my 15 yr old son is dragged into the depths of local chavdom, its too late for my eldest his burberry cap is welded onto his head. and the chain around his neck when moved leaves a white mark following his red sun tan after a visit to tropical Swansea bay.

Yes folks if ever you want to visit the capital of chavland then look no further than Gorseinon, I may just take rental holiday bookings to **** land just the price of your giro for one week full board. Bacardi breezer and small splif free with every booking.

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