Goring is in the West Sussex, nearer Worthing.
Before i came down to live in Southampton, i used to live in Goring. I go back to Worthing sometimes.
Infact i went back to worthing a couple of weeks back, with my boyfriend. And we decided to go for a walk about 10ish (pm) and we went up 2 the park in Durrington and there was a gang of about 15 boyz and girls. with about 8 of them with a can of beer in there hand, and at least 3 of them with a bag full of beers they must of been about 17 no older (where the **** do they get the money from).
the girls was f-ing and bindering. it was a sunday night, aint ***** got anything better to do, oh yeah they havent lol.

there is so many ***** around now, walkin round the streets til **** no’s what time just smashing bottles when they have finshed there beer or reef what the **** has this world turned out to be lol ‘**** TOWNS’ lol

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