Glen Parva

Glen Parva, Leicester. An unlikely venue for ***** to hang around, usually a quiet and boring place not much happnes in the day. But come to the night, and the gangs of ***** are about drinking, terrorising and generally just makin prats of them selvs. there is a ridiculous park thats full of childrens crappy play equiptment that absolutly no-one uses so its just left to rot and rust as time goes by, there is a shelter on this park where gangs of ***** are always sitting drinking, smoking, shouting and throwing empty white ace cider bottles at passers by. At the top of this park there are two benches where adolecent ***** sit and socolise by drinkin themselvs legless in order to have a good time. among the park that has a large number of ***** congregating on it, there is also a local shop that younger ***** stand outside and hastle passers by to go in the shop and buy them 2 litres of £1.09 cider so they can take it back to the park and carry on their drinking. Glen parva is also a venue for wanabee terrorists, as there have bin two schools and a pub burnt to the ground, also the graffiti on the walls of buildings in Glen Parva is apauling, i wouldnt mind if it was artistic graffiti but these are just feble attemps for ***** to look good. There is also the infamous ”blockage” where ***** lay branches and bits of trees and other **** they can find on the floor, across the path of the great central railway that passes through Glen Parva, and as the railway passes through the town with embankments on either side, it is the perfect place for ***** to ”hood up” and chuck eggs and mud and other stuff they can find, at passers by when they are stuck behind a wall of ****!

In general, Glen Parva is a small, quiet town that is home to loads of *****, and because of that, this makes Glen Parva one of the most unlikely chavyest places in the UK.

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