Living in Gilesgate, Durham
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Durham

Gilesgate. A small s**t hole of an area just outside of Durham. Home too some of the most disgusting people you could meet. So we’re do I start? The people who live in Gilsegate are Mainly chavs, drug dealers or chavs (yes I said it again). Don’t get me wrong there are some lovely people in Gilesgate, but they are mainly old. As you walk the streets of chav heaven you will probably meet a small 11 year old threading too kick your head in too, which if you give him grief back he will then threaten to get his dad onto you. As you reach the ‘duffy’ you are officially in the chav meet up place. Where chavs wait with other chavs and go too smoke ‘lungs’ or ‘waterfalls’. Using words such as ‘shoney’ or ‘hockeys’. If you do want to ever take a stroll out of Gilesgate, just take a walk past the run down opticians, Simon Berrys (which always looks empty and run down, and turn too your left. You will shortly be in SHERBURN ROAD!

Yes I said it, Sherburn Road. Famously known for people riding bikes with ridiculous hats on, spitting drugged up teenagers and people chasing one another with machetes in their hands. Now come on. If you’re wanting to visit sherburn road, I would highly advise you not to if you aren’t from round there or Gilesgate or the other halves of sherburn. (Sherburn village and sherburn hill) you will probably get threatened. On the corner of sherburn road we have a shop that literally anyone can allegedly buy alcohol in.

Feeling hungry? Why not go to kfc in Gilesgate/sherburn road? There will most definitely get your order wrong. As it is allegedly known for bad hygiene and the smell the that comes from the place, will make you run in the other direction. Kfc car park at night however is filled with 17-20 car boys doing wheel spins and handbrake turns with there 16 year old girls in the car, that they will later take to Rennys lane tunnel too shag.

Just over the road is the ‘bowl’ well known for skater boys and chavs who smoke spliffs and take ‘cowies’ from day to night. Yet again you will meet the 11 year old threatening to get his daddy drug dealer to kick your head in if you don’t lend him a tab.

Sherburn road and Gilesgate at night is pretty peaceful, until you see the gang off their faces either looking for more drugs to ‘tick’ or can’t stay at the house party any longer because they’re too off there faces to stay in one place.

So there you have it, your guide to the chavtastic land of Costa del Gilesgate.

  • Gosia

    The author of this text should be advised to learn their own mother tongue before attempting to further shame themselves. I’m from Poland and could barely understand this – so grammatically incorrect, full of colloquial expressions and very poor punctuation – waste of space. Seriously, anonymous visitor, it’s never TOO late TO learn! 😉

  • Shaun Otct Martinez

    It’s Where, not We’re! Moron! Hope you get you’re head kicked in! Absolute bollocks! Sensationalist trash. The only thing you’re right about, is the sad Lil chavs who think they’re in Fast n furious in KFC carpark. Honest, people like you boil my piss. Are you saying, this is worse than anywhere else in Durham? The biggest problem is Durham Council! They cater for Toff student’s who after a year or too bugger off back to their mummy n daddy’s who payed for their tuitions in Star trek and Economics and if they don’t drowned in the River? Forget Durham and it’s people forever! Durham is boring! Nothing for kids to do! Cos all the corrupt politicians are making money off these Tossers and do not care one bit about the real Durham people. Look around, everywhere new being built is either new accommodation for these leaches or something to do with their useless education. If you really had intelligence or investigational skills, you would ask these important questions, not laugh at you’re own farts bubbles in you’re bath of self important, look at me, aren’t I funny, pathetic, moronic, trash journalistic claptrap. Do everyone a favour and write something positive! You massive Douche. What a waste of energy I just wasted on a sadsack.