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Chavs – like bacteria – are everywhere. Like bacteria they are most active in areas that smell of s**t and piss, but examine the most sterile zones and you will find some somewhere.

In Fulham you might think you have found a Chav free zone as Ruperts and Carolines strut around in their Gucci shoes, but look under the rocks and round the corners and there you will find the Chav still survives like cockroaches after Hiroshima.

Remember the recent murder of the 16 year old on the Peterborough estate? Brought to you by two examples of London’s finest scum, out collecting for more spliff and bling. Hammersmith and Fulham Council have always been Labour controlled and have maintained the chav infested estates around North Fulham with a fierce civic pride. The Nye Bevan estate was built on a bombsite after WW2 to be a beacon for working class habitation. Now ot is a needle strewn jumping off point for the pleasures of the North End Road and any yuppy foolish enough to wander nearby in a drunken stupor as he exits a Fulham Road winebar.

On the whole we have it lucky here – the corner of North End Road and Fulham Road is a no mans land with no overall control – but venture 100 yards west and it’s 100% Sloane Ranger, 100 yards north and it’s 100% Chav.

* From Nell and Pitboy *

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