SomersetSouth West

Check out the woolpack at beckington. Slightly different breed of chavs to what you might expect, disguised behind their posh (non-local) accents and narrow minded views of living in a rural location. One of them actually thought that by typing ‘frome+saturday night’ into google they would be told what to do!! And the result…they found! So by earwigging I came across this sight! So let’s define chav….from where I was sat tonight it was people from outside the area expecting it to be like the posh bit of London they have crept out from. Had to resist from laughing out loud when one of them declared that their house price might drop because frome might appear on chavtown website! So it’s this sight that is really behind the property slow down. Yes, frome has its home grown chavs, but it also has that peculiar breed of people who really would be better off if they stayed where they came from, rather than trying to impose their narrow minded out of frome opinions on those of us who actually quite like it here. After all, would be great for the local people if house prices did drop. Besides which, you are probably just pee’d off that your ‘duck and cover’ jeans are within the reach of all the local chavs, and they might fit better!

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