Frome – Its a wonderful place (if your a ****)

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Well where can I start, Frome A wonderful place as the other reviewers have said, and yes I agree for a ****.

The most annoying part is before this Burberry clad redneck half-witted moving human cancer come to life – Frome had something very good…it had a good selection of real bikers on Harleys and Chops, 3 real bike gangs, a good rock and metal scene and lots of regular live bands – Yes it used to be A wonderful place as the town council like to say.

But step by step the ***** moved in, the first sign of our wonderful towns plight was some years back when the **** decided that they wanted their own temple – yes folks ***** have a temple, they call it the McDonalds Drive Thru (Thru spelt in txt speak and for the benefit of a **** reading this, much like their temple owners they also can not spell Thru correctly).

Our town council and many others battled hard to keep Mcshite out of town but they won, for me as vegan it’s a disaster seeing a McDonalds in my town.

***** & cars, well we all know how to spot a **** vehicle, bad or half finished paint jobs, stickers after famous food blenders such as Kenwood, sorry but in my day Kendwood was a product your granny bought to mix her fruit cakes in.
A wide selection of things ******* in the windows, normally football orientated rubbish and Burberry a scarf and how can you miss those hissing hydraulic gears the ***** love and those stupid blue neon lights that shine underneath the cars as they cruise to the boom, boom, boom of Beyonce Knowles.
Well From has them all…

On a good note old famous **** hangouts such as the Cattle Market Car Park & M&W stores (now Tesco Express) has witnessed a **** decline, the Cattle Market Car Park has blocked off the bridge which prevents the dicks from doing the 2 minute 500 yard dash in their Nova around the Museum, over the bridge pass the Balti Delight, hand break turning on the corner of Cork St. Nr the Taxi rank and back across the bridge again.

Tesco have asked the Police to keep them out of the car park if they are not paying customers, which has worked.
I would imagine the earlier example of the town circuit being blocked has had a dire effect on your average ***** *** life, this was their Troy moment as they would fly around the town on a Friday and Saturday night seeking their Helen of Troy for a quick one in the back of the Nova. Although to they see themselves as Troy and their maidens has Helen I will tell you now they are not….you can spot the ***** “Birds” as they like to call them on the town as regular as clock work every Friday and Saturday night.
Dress code, the usual Shag me 5 inch stilettos or knee high shag me boots, with a skirt well a cloth covering the crotch area with a cheese wire thing ******* out of the back, this is complimented with a Chavy top from select exposing the ugly mid drift, this is always underlined with a very poor celtic of tribal tattoo.
Followed by the normal scraped back badly dyed hair and big hoop through ears from Argos of course.

Well I hope by now you have a good picture of Frome – it’s a wonderful place (For *****).

Oh by the way, since the downfall of the ***** usual hangouts they now park in the Homebase car park opposite Mcshite, which has become a filthy hole full of Mcshite wrappers and Maxpower & Performance Car plastic sleeves.

**** pubs Frome has plenty, The George is slightly **** but slowly moving away from that image, the once great Metal pub The Wheatsheaves is now a **** haunt, but new management have plans to loose that (get some more bands in then), but top of the ***** has to be the Angel which is the last haunt before they go to Level One….this is like a mosque for ***** and *********, they flock in their 100s here on a Friday & Sat night to pay homage to the their god like sounds from 1 – 40, I have often wondered why ***** only like the top 40, its because they can not count any higher.
Level One is no place for Metal / Punk or Alternative music fans, you enter their and you are open prey to the ***** for a bunny as ******** and a fist fight.

This has been bought to you by the “Frome – Its a wonderful place if your a **** information board”

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