Frinton On Sea

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Frinton On Sea

Quiet and peaceful were once words used to describe this small seaside resort which was proud of its victorian values. I remember a time when the buses were not allowed in the town (conveniently sealed off by a railway line), there was no pub and the opening of a chippy made front page news in Scotland.

But times they are a changing. The peasants have taken to the streets. Every night of the week, outside the station, outside the chinese, outside the chippy, outside the doctors, smoking from under baseball caps and in many case hood as well, with their white socks over the tracksuit trousers displaying their ice white action shoes. They shout at pensioners, throw stones at passing trains and leave foil cartons everywhere, so much in fact that the chinese take away now refuse to sell them food.

“Outside” the gates there is another squad (blazing presumably) of c***s who like to congregate at the local shopping precinct – The Triangle Shopping Centre. A favorite haunt until recently was the aircon outlet of Fiveways at the back of the centre, and sitting on top of this was like sitting on the throne of local chavdom. However a large spiked fence was recently erected to protect this area and now the peasants merely stand outside the fence open mouthed watching their former empire.

As for c**v transport there is of course the odd rude-boy motor (metro’s, orion’s and the like) but the weapon of choice seems to be 2-wheeled. Push bikes for the younger crew members, mopeds for the rising stars and trail bikes for the top boys – all of these have the obligatory green running lights and have been specially tuned so that second gear never needs to be engaged as to maximize the noise they create.

They also seem to have befriended the local police force who instead of moving them on park up next to them and get involved in the “c**v-banter”, no wonder the country is going downhill.

All I can say is that if they have taken hold in Frinton, no where is safe.

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