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Frimly is the basic of all chav hangouts but i realised the town was not on here so i had to add it!

It might not be an upmarket “bling” chav hangout but its got the essentials, if u will.

If you are on a tour of the U.K seeing the most chavy hangouts and the nature of these interesting animals drueling over gold painted bits of string with (what looks like) chocolate money attatched to the end of them, then i suggest you visit frimley!

Some of the aspiring town is nice but the chav hangouts near the train station, end of the bridge and around the well organised take-aways kinda run it down….. i’ve read about alot of different towns with chav features, and before i go any further all i have to say is this place is neighbouring chav towns with aldershot and farnborough, need i say more? Just look at the ratings of those two.

Unfortunately i have grown up in the towns of aldershot, farnborough and frimley so i should really have some sort of chav gene in my body, i sometimes wear the clothes but not the full time proffessional chav brands such as AMARNI and BURBERRY etc etc.. i am a bit of a fan of the trackies tho:( But still i fight back in a desperate struggle not to be a chav and instead i am labelled as a townie. 🙂

But never mind all that, because at the end of the day im not a chav, cause basically they suck! Also they like to shine, it amazes me that with the amount of shiny crap they have on themselves they don’t attract a thousand magpies!!

And when all is said and done, i still love the fact that with the hard man image, the “jewellery”, the sentance stringing swearword handheld f*****g english pocket dictionary that they must have with them at all times, they still need to hang around in groups of 50-100 to keep themselves safe.

Everyone must see the mighty frimley!

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As much as it kills me to add it, my home town of Frimley has indeed be Chav invaded.
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