Fordhouses (Wolverhampton)

West MidlandsWest Midlands

I have the pleasure of witnessing ‘mother’ ***** at my childrens school think slippers with shell suits, smoking weed whilst watching sports day, fighting in the playground……they all hang round in little groups some with the weeks new daddy usually riding on a mini motorbike!!!! they then congregate round the local kwix save pushing dirty babies in even dirtier pushchairs whilst they try to steal nappies!! If and thats IF the daddy **** is still around or they even know who he is….he usually meets up with them after getting his dole check dressed in too short shell suit bottoms divorced from his ankles, his knock off rock ports and england top with his burberry print pointed cap they then begin to shout at each other hit the kids about the head a bit!!!!!!Oh and for some reason they all call there kids SHAY………………

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