Living in Fleckney, Leicestershire

I cannot believe that nobody has included this in-bred smelly dive in this site yet! First and foremost, Fleckney is a small town south of Leicester. To those who know Leicester, they will also know the words that the chavs like to say a lot, and they way that they say it:

Fish and Chip Shop = “Chipp-ehhhh”
Newsagents = “News-ehhhhh”
Fleckney = “Fleckn-ehhhhhhhh”
Car = “Mo-urr”

Driving into Fleckney down the A6 from Leicester you enter a council-esque array of small-town dull houses on Leicester Road. If you dare to enter the Recreation Ground (“Rec-ehhhhh”) and manage to get out unharmed you will be scarred for life by the myriad of chavs hanging out on the see-saws and roundabouts shouting abuse and leaving fag ends and drug-related articles for the children next morning. As you leave the crap graffiti mecca and move into the village centre, you will see ‘Spars’, the ‘News-ehhhh’, the ‘Post-ehhhhhh’ and the ‘Chip-ehhhhh’ clustering around a small strech of road called High Street. Chavs love to park their mo-urrrrs outside the Chip-ehhhhh and have a smoke and meet fellow chavs to chat about their hard days graft at the industrial estrate ‘Dustrial’.

Younger chavs hang out around the garage on a wall outside an old-peoples nursing home called Brookside Gardens. ‘Brookies Wall’.

Anyway, avoid this town like the plague.

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