Fen Ditton

CambridgeshireEast Anglia

Alas, not a town yet a village. Was once a peaceful village in which calm people such as myself could relax, but then the ***** (known as townies to locals) took over, they destroyed many things which had been standing for many decades such as war memorials. The main places for ***** in this village is at the main recreational ground where they like to attempt to socialize with each other with loud grunting like sounds. The main ,ahem, dress code is tracksuit bottoms with bottoms tucked in white socks. A hooded top is a must. They have caused havoc to many villagers, the police have been involed many times yet with no advancement in the removeal of the *****. I have managed to understand some of their speak : "Po po" means the police, "bear" means a lot of. So this could be used to say "there was bear po po out last night, y’know, innit?" – translate as there was a lot of police out last night, you know, isn’t it? The ***** are mainly 10-18 year olds.

Beware of the Fen Ditton "Crew" as they call themselves, but we all know they mean we a load of prats who need to get a life…

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