North West

ahh, once a thriving mining town in west yorkshire, Featherstone captured the hearts of many, with its small yet successful rugby league club and its busy market days, it once was a great place to live. Until the **** invasion Featherstone (Fev to the *****) was a great place to live and grow up. However just take a walk down the famous station lane and see the many boarded up shops with the [enter stange girls name eg. destiny, kay leigh etc] loves [equally stange lads name eg, brooklyn, romeo, jamie-levi] scralled all over them. To the drug/drunk hang out of the market precinct. Where the more athletic ***** will ride up and down the empty market stalls on their skate boards. Yes the ***** have made Featherstone their own.

Up and down station lane ***** drive their heavliy modded fiesta class cars not talking due to the loud bang coming from the rear bass tube. Donned in burburry caps, scafes and shirts, trying to pull the cavettes (preferably the ones without kids, although very few remain). If the scout for cavettes sitting on park benches fail then a trip to local pontefract is always useful. Yes **** is very much alive and kicking in Featherstone and the annual event has cermented its root firmly in place. This event happens every boxing day when station lane is teeming with **** activity, the drug and drink flow loosly and so do the *********. The ***** do a mating fight and winner goes home with a ******** with only a few kids. All Featherstone need to place it firmly on the map is a cash converters at present the local thiefs have to cart their warez to wakefield this costs vital giro money on the bus and the obligatory bottle of stella for the road.

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