Farncombe & Binscombe

South East

‘Farncombe’ means in old-english “fern valley” or, basically, “bog” and is the deformed neighbour of Godalming in Surrey. Why it was built is a mystery to many but it appears to have been largely constructed between the 1940’s and 1950’s. A warren of “Ovals” and “Closes”…dead ends with no pavements a roundabout too small to drive around and broken down cars parked accross the road, the sort of place where the local police go dogging, most people’s fathers are banned from every pub….gangs such as the Farncombe Boys/Lot/Posse/Crew pick pointless fights with each other and ponce cigarettes….Farncombe is a place of despair, narrow-mindedness and acute boredom which make this cheap ghetto a **** paradise. Locals dressed in high-**** fashions of burberry and tracksuit bottoms hang around outside the off licence, outside Cranfields (a ‘happy shopper’) and around the station….perhaps they’re dreaming of leaving…

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