Farnborough, Hawley Estate & Gang Warfare

The Hawley Estate in Farnborough really needs a mention – now I’ve finally moved out after 10 years owning a house there!

The area 10 years ago wasn’t really that bad, the weekly stabbings at the Cody Tree had become less frequent because the owners had just changed it’s name to the Hawley Arms.

Not that I’ve bothered go in the Hawley Arms more than a couple of times anyway.
My little brother went in there on his own once when I was having a party!
He was gone for 2 hours but rather than spending that time being beaten up, he was beating everyone in the pub at pool.
So not only did he come back with all his teeth, he actually managed to come back with about £40 worth of winnings!
So maybe it’s not as dangerous as it looks? Or maybe my brother is more dangerous than I thought??

How grim is your Postcode?

Most of the kids on the Estate 10 years ago seemed to be too young to make much of a nusience of themselves.
It doesn’t seem too long ago that the kids would shout “Nice Car!” as I would drive past in my little sports car – but recently the car became a target for footballs, bikes, scooters and suicide attempts instead of compliments.

Today we are on the brink of all out gang warefare between the ***** and the Gurkhas who have moved into the area.

A neighbour’s kid got hit on the head with a brick by one of the Gurkhas. Mistaken identity for someone else I think. Do all ****’s look the same? So they now are all on a mission to seek justice.
“How to pimp up your baseball bat” seems to be top on the discussion list!

Various racial abuse and related beatings seem to be happening every week. And the ***** are commited to all-out warefare – well I suppose we all need a purpose in life.
Machete vs. Baseball bat, professional killers vs. professional layabouts – I know who I would bet on!

Not all the kids or parents are that bad. It’s just that there are a lot of twats to lead them astray, with a bit of racial ignorance thrown in for good measure. The BNP seem to be what most ***** grow up and vote for if and when they vote.

They managed to put up with the only gay in the village with surprising tolerance though. Only had a few naughty pictures of blokes with massive knobs drawn on a dirty car – not bad for 10 years, and the pictures were quite a compliment really! 😀

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