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Fareham is a Borough with a thriving chav community and there is much for local residents and visitors to see and do regarding Britain’s new ruling class.

I don’t even live in Fareham, yet I’ve been gobsmacked by the chav presence in this once-OK town. Over the last decade or so, Fareham seems to have become infested with chavs. The other day I was driving through the town centre here (one of those town centres which has traffic lights every 2 metres or something…) and came across some chavs (in their Novas and Peugeot 106s). They automatically decided they were going to race me, and so with one chav on either side, the lights changed green. Expecting myself to fall far behind as my car is quite rubbish, I actually left the mark at a much quicker pace, probably because their cars were being weighed down with their ‘systems’ and body-kit and a stupidly large spoiler…

Anyway, I seem to have deviated from the point a bit here. The ‘world-renowned’ Fareham Shopping Centre is the main hangout, primarily outside BHS. But then again, the large population density of chavs in this town means that wherever you go, you’ll find some.

Some chavs may pretend to partake in education at the local Fareham College, although they only usually last about 2 days before dropping out.

Many chavs can be found ‘working’ at the Sainsburys superstore in Fareham.

I feel that with Fareham being the spiritual home of chavs in this area, they cannot be eradicated and so will live on and prosper in this town, forever.

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