About Eyemoutheyemouth is a large fishing town on th east coast about 40 mins dwn th road from edinburgh. it is wel known for its caravan site as ther are hundreds of tourists visit evry year!

**** City
Eyemouth is known for its *****,, standin around th streets with a joint in one hand and a can of carling in th other. Most of th time they are dooing nothing rong jst chillin and catxin up on th latest gossip from mates, but people look dow on us (N) they never give us a chance mun, like if they c a teenager with a hood up they automaticly think they are bad news and dont reely give them a chance!

Yes, eyemouth has its fair share of fights,, alot of th time it is between drunk teenagers rowing over a girl! Recently theyr has been a proper riot going on between eyemouth and berick! theyr has also been a few stabbings last year but no one died tho!(Y)x

Eyemouth has alot of nice looking lads compare to alot of places, so if your singe you know ware to go !

we have our bantars  ! lads feel free to come + hav a deek at th girls !

thts aboutit for now !
eyemouth seems ****, wel it is but th people theyr make it good, ***** clas banter like !
x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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