In fact its not just Eye, make your way down the A1073 then you find the 5 most chavest places ever – Spalding, Cowbit, Crowland, Eye, Peterborough. ***** here are so far behind the times they have only just clicked on with the burberry craze – or should i say fake burberry. Eye is swamped with *****, and the craze leaks on to nearby crowland. You havent seen chavism until you have been to these places, if you are not a ****, you are stereotyped to be a goth. They are so pathetic, plenty of Vicky Pollard wannabes – in fact they can out do her. Why do kids here find it so amusing to sit on benches, smoke and make babies in the centre of a town all day. It is pathetic. So pathetic….

Top 50 worst places to live in England 2022 as voted for by you