Exeter – The Wild west

Living in Exeter, Devon

Sleepy Devon is a haven for ner’do’wells who have dropped out of the bright lights of Croydon and Stevenage, whilst at the same time having a very strong presence of the local breed of ****, of which there are several sub-breeds (Laners being one of them). and they all have the same rat-like eyes and mouth which could possibly be attributed to their limited gene pool.

The city itself as such does not have specific areas which the ch@vvers hang out in, the whole City is littered with them. Any day you are around the City centre you will be hard pushed to spot a ‘normal’ non ch@v. There will be hordes of lumpy, track suited teenage mums spread 3 wide across the pavement; they will usually be indulged in one, or more of the following activities: eating a Pasty, mobile phone, smoking, swearing or spitting.

Almost everyone in Exeter City centre will be wearing at least one piece of quality ‘designer’ sports attire; a favourite in Exeter is to buy ‘snide’ copies of expensive designer wear from some bloke down the pub, not realising that in a week they will be using it as a dish cloth.

How grim is your Postcode?

Going out in Exeter itself can be a hazard to your health. Favourite hang outs for the **** about town would be the local Wetherspoon – a Mecca for ***** all over the country. Other places include any of the numerous ***** Ikea kit bars that are popular in any provincial town.

The clubs are hilarious and cater for the under age **** starting his journey to prison to the weird freak show that is Club Rococo; think of the wankiest nite club in the whole world and multiply it by 1000 – even the Elephant Man would get laid in there!

After the pub/clubs there is nothing the steaming drunk **** likes than to have a punch up in a take away/ taxi rank or to batter some random stranger on the stumble home – this is equally applicable to the male and female varieties.

To sum up Exeter – I would have to say the ch@v is old skool or retro, but the sad thing is the **** has only really just evolved in Devon, like most things.. 10 years later than everywhere else

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