Exeter – The Wild west

Sleepy Devon is a haven for ***** who have dropped out of the bright lights of Croydon and Stevenage, whilst at the same time having a very strong prescence of the local breed of ****, of which there are several sub-breeds (Laners being one of them). and they all have the same rat like eyes and mouth which could possibly be attributed to in breeding.

The city itself as such does not have specific areas which the chavvers hang out in, the whole City is littered with them. Any day you are around the City centre you will be hard pushed to spot a ‘normal’ non ****. There will be hordes of lumpy, tracksuited teenage mums spread 3 wide across the pavement; they will usually be indulged in one, or more of the following activities: eating a Pasty, mobile phone, smoking, swearing or spitting.

Almost everyone in Exeter City centre will be wearing at least one piece of quality ‘designer’ sports attire; a favourite in Exeter is to buy ‘snide’ copies of expensive designer wear from some bloke down the pub, not realising that in a week they will be using it as a dish cloth.

How grim is your Postcode?

Going out in Exeter itself can be a hazard to your health. Favourite hang outs for the **** about town would be the local Wetherspoon – a Mecca for ***** all over the country. Other places include any of the numerous ***** Ikea kit bars that are popular in any provincial town.

The clubs are hilarious and cater for the under age **** starting his journey to prison to the weird freak show that is Club Rococo; think of the wankiest nite club in the whole world and multiply it by 1000 – even the Elephant Man would get laid in there!

After the pub/clubs there is nothing the steaming drunk **** likes than to have a punch up in a take away/ taxi rank or to batter some random stranger on the stumble home – this is equally applicable to the male and female varieties.

To sum up Exeter – I would have to say the **** is old skool or retro, but the sad thing is the **** has only really just evolved in Devon, like most things.. 10 years later than everywhere else

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