Possibly one of the worst places for ***** (or Kevs as we call them round here) in the country. I would challenge anyone to visit this town without seeing at least one kev. Forget where they hang out, an easier question to answer would be where they don’t hang out. Allday’s carpark, Halford’s carpark, McDonald’s carpark, Morrissons carpark, the 24 hr Somerfield garage, in fact anywhere with a car park. When partaking in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, they prefer The Blue Maze, Mojo’s, and Innuendo (although ther rarely manage to enter the latter due to them always wearing trainers). The kevs usually pull their birds from Evesham High School, normally a **** girl around 14 years old would go out with a 21 year old kev.
The favourite cuisine of the Kev, is a McDonald’s double cheeseburger (I should know cos I have worked there) and for a kev to place an order for eight of them, before turning to his 15 year old girlfriend and asking what she would like (as the eight double cheeseburgers should be enough) is not uncommon.
The typical Evesham kev has an H-Reg “Kevved-up” Vauxhall Nova, normally with illegal numberplates and neon lights. Note: kevs tend to spend less money on their cars than typical boy racers.
Kevs normally surface around 3pm in the afternoon and dissappear around 3am in the morning when stoned.

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