Living in Evesham
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Midlands, Worcestershire

I have lived around the area of South Worcestershire/North Gloucestershire for twelve years now, after moving house as a young child from Kent. I have seen many rotten and vile chavs throughout my time, but non of these locations is on parallel with Evesham- the faecal matter of the midlands.

First of all, the chavs range from different identification. Many of them are scrawny, gypsy-wannabes who will stop at nothing to begin a fight with anyone, no matter of their size, ethnicity etc. and will always get absolutely pelted to bits. These b*stardized a*sholes smoke weed an awful lot (no wonder that there was £500,000 worth of cannabis found in The Railway Inn near Prince Henry’s High School, which is actually excellent, despite where it is). Burberry caps are a frequent sight amongst onlookers, and I have no issue with someone happily picking these puny, and revolting scumbags with a sniper rifle to in between their eyes. Chavs are also extremely overweight, or should I say morbidly obese, strolling around, clad in track suits with a cigarette clasped between their lips. Usually, they are mothers, but I have seen males share the same characteristics.

When you enter the area near South Worcestershire College, chavs will amass. They usually loll around the outside of the main building, smoking as much marijuana as possible for their brains that lack any optimism or achievement. No wonder the college is of low standard. As you venture further past the college, there is many houses that are ridden with chavs, again smoking and dealing as much illegal substances if possible. An atomic bomb would not go amiss for this area at all!

As previous entries state, Lidl and the church is where many of these dreadful and sickening individuals gather. Many of them go to Evesham High School. These young people are generally very low in terms of intelligence and lack any intellectual capability whatsoever (I have many friends who go to Evesham High, and fortunately, they make up for the crap reputation that the school receives) The Polski-Schlep is a Polish-run shop, and I have no problem with the Polish at all. Many of them are kind-hearted and hard-working individuals, but many are troublesome and savage (I’m not trying to be xenophobic or racist at all).

Please do not enter Evesham, unless you want to be scrutinised by horrifyingly stupid people.