European *****

Having lived in central europe all my life, but going to school in england, it has been very interesting to watch the spreading of **** culture from good old blighty all the way to Italy. France has its own *********** who are way too much like our own ***** who we know and love. Like all they tend to hurl abuse at anyone without a burberry hat on! And like all they hang around in the worst places possible. Germany has a small case, but imagine ***** who speak german, now thats a scary thought. Fortunately they tend not to want to **** you just because you look at them, instead they have just adopted the fashion sense. Switzerland is a country of particular interest. They have recently had a small **** uprising. All swiss yoouth are obsessed by England and it is not uncommon to see england tshirts, football shirts and jackets everywhere. The official european **** brand is Lonsdale of London. In zurich there is a particularly bad problem. Half shaved hair and ***** ******* out arounf the station at 3 in the morning (do they not have homes!!) and on more than one occasion i have found myself harassed by these ******* ****, who would probably have attacked me if i wasnt english. But because i hailed from the mother **** race itsself, i was accepted as a god and hero. A wise man of **** culture. I tried to explain to them that chavness was to be avoided, but alas it didnt work. Another city oof great interest is Milan. Again these italians are obsessed by england. Italy is the land of extravagant shoes and so the shiny reeboks are frowned upon (rightly) by most and there is only a small problem. The Italian ***** are loud, slick and think that they are way too cool. ******* out arounf the San Serre Stadium shouting at each other from only a few feet away is just one of their habits. Luckily most european ***** still have a part of their sense of european hospitality left, and i believe that, the fashion sense is the first step in ***** becoming not only the ruling class of our country, but of our continent and soon our world. Soon teen pregnancies will arrive, horrible germanic ***** names like Shanen Broklund and gangs of burberry clad idiots roaming the streets of europe looking to destroy the “posh buggers”. Have they not considered that we are not posh, theyre just ********. Do they realise that by being oh so cool and smoking from an early age, they are turning our country and very fast our continent into a festering pit of chavdom. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. There MUST be a solution to this problem. The sooner we find it, then the sooner Europe will be safe for us normal people to live peacefully without our lives being endangered, just because we dont want to **** or maim anythng that doesnt want to **** and maim.

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