ClevelandNorth West

They’re outside of the chip shop, corner shop, ******* EVERYWHERE! Eston is a very ******* **** ******** area, and its connected to grangetown too, which is even a worse place. If you walk down a street in eston/grangetown in ‘mosha’ clothing or even some slightly baggy jeans and a black tshirt with dark hair, if your lucky, you’ll get abuse shouted at you from any direction and something threwn at you, if your not so lucky and they feel like beating something up, they’ll beat you up or for an alternative they go up eston hills to go ‘pig bashing’ were they beat pigs to death, or if they dont find any pigs they do it to sheep, recently there was an article in the newspaper that some groups of boys (*****) have been going up the hills with knives and guns to fight with other groups of *****, wow, what a way to ‘beat’ boredom. Unfortunately i have to go to a school here called ‘Gillbrook’ and im what everyone calls a ‘mosha’ but i like to call myself a metalhead of some kind, but anyway, i get the worst of **** abuse because im the ***** enemy. Hooray. I try and shop around middlesbrough but i get spat on etc. and walking round there is just plain suicide, for anyone. I’ve been beat up a few times, punched by random ***** and had bricks/bottles shot at me. Redcar is ok, most of the ***** there just look at you, but if they’re visiting from eston/grangetown/southbank your ******* doomed. In conclusion the whole of cleveland is a scruffy shitty industrial hell hole where most of the **** is sweeped. Oh yeh, the majority of the police do NOTHING too.

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