Erith, North West Kent, bordering with Greater London officially has the highest concentration of 18 – 25 year olds in the UK. Of these, arounnd 95% are ****, *****, smackheads or other such ambulatory **** that should be gassed until they stop twitching. Not only is Erith packed to the gills wih such mouth breathing semi literate morons, but the entire town centre is a cathederal to them. Now being rebuilt after years of neglect as a 1960’s concrete monstrosity with boarded up and burned out shops, the new replacement version has a Farm Foods (for when you are too ***** for Lidl) and a TK Maxx and Matelan opening soon. The planners are actually encouraging these sub human filth!

At a town forum meeting just over a year ago, the remaining “normal” Erith residents had a chance to question Ken Livingston’s deputy about the redevelopment – a question that was genuinely put was to ask if Ken could get on to the Ministry of Defence and get the US Air Force to redirect one of the B52’s then going to Iraq, and get it to bomb Erith town centre – this would class as urban regeneration (true). For opinions of the whole Erith thing, check the following link:

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