Erith – Slade Green

KentSouth East

This is truly a p****s heart. Slade Green is where they all originated from. They got so big that the spanned out into surrounding areas of Erith, Belvedere and Crayford. The local c**v hot spots are outside the Londis (asking the older generation of c***s to buy them fags, Rizzla and white lightening) the train station, where the staff are harassed and the train are vandalised. Oh yes and the ever intelligent past time of surfing the train which is basically a c**v hanging from the door as long as possible as it moves along the track. If you don’t wear burberry caps n clothes or a ‘Von Bitch’ t-shirt you get noticed as an outsider and will have 20 little c**v’s on your case to sort you out! The roads are small and every 3 bedroom house has a mother of 15 with her 6 kids living in it with her parents and teen boyfriend. There is a post office in Slade Green so on a Tuesday you can’t move for chavettes and pushchairs screaming at the top of their voices, chantel, charmaine, Britney collecting their Giro. Saturday in Erith there is a particularly popular event of the weekly market where JimBob makes a mint on his jewellery store selling clowns, hooped earrings with diamonte balls and saddle rings. Along with the pound stool where c**v’s can buy lighters and tools which come in handy of an evening when they still your car, smash it to pieces and burn it out.
If your ever thinking of having a c**v experience seriously consider Slade Green and make a special trip to Craydene Road after dark for your local c**v meet.

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