Erith – an update

KentSouth East

Since my original post, Erith now boasts a brand new £25 million redeveloped shopping centre. All, however is not good……

On my way home from work a few nights ago, there was the entertaining sight of three weasel faced, under developed c***s being evicted from the local Wilkinson’s after attempting to nick some bottles of coke. Fortunately the new shopping centre developers have seen sense to invest heavily in security guards – and are they busy! The three evicted c***s, shouting and swearing rejoined their mates outside on the shopping centre concourse (a total of around fifteen greasy zit infested muppets, several of them looking like it was so long ago that they washed their hair that it still had afterbirth in it). One particularly virulent chavster then attempted to ride his ill advised and totally illegal mini motor bike through the shopping centre and down a moving escalator. I am sorry to report that unfortunately this did not end in a spectacularly gruesome death, however much I was wishing it.

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