Written by Anonymous. Posted in West Midlands

I’ve had the misfortune to live in Erdington for many many years and can not believe how the place has gone down hill.

The chavs on Erdington High Street are, quite possibly, the most degenerate I have ever encountered. Many resemble a Tolkien Orc in a Reebok tracksuit. God help you if you have to use a cashpoint; you’re instantly surrounded by the scum begging for a £1 as they’ve ‘lost their bus fare’ (after telling them to f**k off, you may later encounter the same character in the local Weatherspoons enjoying a meal and a pint).

The Hight Street itself is a mass of chip shops, poundstores, charity shops and Pawn shops. The cramped pavements are virtually inaccessible due to the predomination of chavettes pushing screaming brats in pushchairs (whilst eating bags of chips).

The High Street is by no means the only location good for Chav spotting in Erdington. The area around Stockland Green, which leads down to the notorious Wyrley Birch Council Estate (a virtually ‘de-militarised zone’ – I think classed as Kingstanding though), is very bad indeed. As are the estates off Bromford Lane, the Lyndhurst, areas off Gravelly Hill. God the place is really the pits.

I hope I win the lottery so I can piss off out of here.

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