West Midlands

I’ve had the misfortune to live in Erdington for many many years and can not believe how the place has gone down hill.

The ***** on Erdington High Street are, quite possibly, the most ********** I have ever encountered. Many resemble a Tolkien Orc in a Reebok tracksuit. God help you if you have to use a cashpoint; you’re instantly surrounded by the **** begging for a £1 as they’ve ‘lost their bus fare’ (after telling them to **** off, you may later encounter the same character in the local Weatherspoons enjoying a meal and a pint).

The Hight Street itself is a mass of chip shops, poundstores, charity shops and Pawn shops. The cramped pavements are virtually inaccessible due to the predomination of ********* pushing screaming brats in pushchairs (whilst eating bags of chips).

The High Street is by no means the only location good for **** spotting in Erdington. The area around Stockland Green, which leads down to the notorious Wyrley Birch Council Estate (a virtually ‘de-militarised zone’ – I think classed as Kingstanding though), is very bad indeed. As are the estates off Bromford Lane, the Lyndhurst, areas off Gravelly Hill. God the place is really the pits.

I hope I win the lottery so I can piss off out of here.

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