erdington (erdington hall)

West Midlands

Erdington Hgh Street must be a contender for ‘ground **** zero’ but most of the ***** there do not realise that they are *****.This is because they are illiterate POVERTY TRAMPS and however cool and hard they foolishly think they are with their grubby **** stained ******* tracky bottoms that started out white and piss-pot fake burberry caps they should all take a good look at themselves because they are nothing but **** and should GET A JOB.Because true respect comes from honest graft not robbing our old and frail or stabbing some decent lad to death in a churchyard for a mobile phone.And showing proper respect to others counts too,and i don’t mean ‘biggin it up’ to Kev who’s just nicked 6 legs of lamb from Iceland and is off to the Lad in the Lane pub to knock em out to the gaffers missus for twenty ******* Mayfairs and a can of Stella.Erdington Hall is now ASBOland,Nuttyskunkland,burned out car land,don’t give a **** parentsland,thick trampy kidsland,it is………CHAVLAND !

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