Written by Anonymous. Posted in West Midlands

Erdington Hgh Street must be a contender for ‘ground chav zero’ but most of the chavs there do not realise that they are chavs.This is because they are illiterate POVERTY TRAMPS and however cool and hard they foolishly think they are with their grubby s**t stained f*****g tracky bottoms that started out white and piss-pot fake burberry caps they should all take a good look at themselves because they are nothing but scum and should GET A JOB.Because true respect comes from honest graft not robbing our old and frail or stabbing some decent lad to death in a churchyard for a mobile phone.And showing proper respect to others counts too,and i don’t mean ‘biggin it up’ to Kev who’s just nicked 6 legs of lamb from Iceland and is off to the Lad in the Lane pub to knock em out to the gaffers missus for twenty f*****g Mayfairs and a can of Stella.Erdington Hall is now ASBOland,Nuttyskunkland,burned out car land,don’t give a f**k parentsland,thick trampy kidsland,it is………CHAVLAND !

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