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‘Near Scunthorpe’? More like a suburb of the human-rat-infested place. Don’t believe anyone who says Epworth is the nice part of Scunny, it’s just a chav country retreat. Hidden away in those oh-so-glamorous identikit estate houses is the greasy beating heart of true scummers.

The place is full of the kind of people who aspire to Burberry spoilers on their souped-up cars, and the glare from their cheap shiny tracksuits can cause third-degree burns.

The crime rate is so bad that Epworth has become the first place in Britain where the residents privately pay for an extra policemen to stop them killing each other & nicking each others’ knock-off DVDs.

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  • andy

    Its a dump(a sleepy one)but still as dump,YES i do know what im talking about,i went to south axholme school from 1976-1981 and i lived near it in BELTON for over 25 years,.

  • Jinbob

    Obviously you are one sad person who likes to waste their time by writing a load of rubbish about a place, that you have, blatantly, not been to.. I live in Epworth.. and tbh it’s not even in Sc**thorpe.. it’s about 20 minutes away. I think you need to get your facts correct before you go publishing junk!

  • Gemmaa

    oi bitches! i’m from epworth. its not that bad.