Epsom **** Central of Surrey

South EastSurrey

Epsom **** central of Surrey! its full of *****!
During the day this pleasant town is enjoyable to walk around even though the shops are becoming more and more to the taste of a ****, Afternoon comes still a safe place the ***** start to wake up. Night comes and they venture out of the notorious Longmead Estate and other areas. Since Epsom has good transport ***** come from all over. Epsom is home to 3 council estates which r quite rough, The longmead Estate, Watersedge Estate and the Wells Estate.
Epsom home of quite a few Crews which cause havok.
This town is getting worse and worse. At night u can never walk around there late at night with out getting abuse thrown at you or a knife pulled out on you. They all hang around Macdonalds and all up that road. By the Odeon as well seeems to be a hang out. This place is *****, i feel safer walking around Kingston than i do in Epsom. In Epsom its a small highstreet full of rudeboys. Not all ***** are bad but they have managed to get a bad repuatation.
Also Bouncers in Macdonalds is just crazy, that just tells u how bad it gets.

Cons= The estates
All the *****
Walking down the highstreet and having to stand aside to let a **** mum drive her 5 prams and screaming kids around screamin at them.
**** nightlife
Being out of zone 6 (even though we should b *** SW TRAINS)
**** shopping center

Pros= Having quite alot of Green areas
Good Coffee Shops
Quite good transport besides the zonal issue.
A few nice pubs

Now mind you wot annoys me more than ***** is EMOs, thank god Epsom is not full of them yet, cos i dont want no one walking around moaning how bad their lives r and cutting their wrists. JUST DIE.

On another not back to my point Epsom is just going quickly downhill, it is quite an attractive town but still this town has very bad elements. I know people who say Cobham, Esher, Walton are bad areas, it just makes me laugh how stupid they are because they are all safe places unlike this Town.
People thinking of moving to Epsom, Re think it.

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