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It is with regret that I write this epitaph for my beloved England.

Over the past 20 years, a large number of parents have disregarded their children to educate themselves. This, as we know constitutes the start of the CHAV transformation. The parents have no respect for themselves and therefore these children get away with murder. I remember as a child, when if you back chatted someone who was older than your goodself, you would get a clip around the ear and taken home for a beating. Parents in my younger years had the right to use force to let you know you had done wrong and believe me you learned from it and would never make the same mistake twice.

In this day, a child has rights, what rights? The right to develop into a true Chav / Chavette. I hate Chav scum, with a passion.

If you want to go out on a Saturday evening for a drink and have a good time you have to make sure you dont go near Chav central ( any inner city town centre / drinking centre). You will forever be wondering if the gang of Chavs drinking next to you are gonna get violent or lippy. Only then could you expect a nice one to one punch up, YES thats right I said one to one, ie: one of you against his/her one Chav gang.

Lets be fair, these chav scum are ruining this country. I suspect that the problem has spiralled far out of control for the Police and Government to sort Chavs out.

I grew up to respect older people, not shout and spit at them, throw bottles at their windows, mug them, rob them, KILL them.

SO COME ON PARENTS & FUTURE PARENTS, interact with your children now, learn with them, punish them, teach them what is right & wrong.
Stop sitting in front of the death box (T.V.) watching Chav enders or Chav a nation Street.

If you are a Chav, then its upto you to sort your children. Lets be honest and im only summising here, you CHAVSCUM wish and pray that your little baby CHAV may somehow grow up and not be brain dead, into robbing, violence, guns, alcoholism, drugs but most of all Burberry.

This is the only way forward to make this country a better place to live.

Lets hope that todays CHAVs become extinct so that future generations don’t have to put up with them. After all, if we don’t act now the problem could become too big to extinguish.

If we dont try now, this place could have its name changed from England to CHAVland.

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