Emmington!… THE PLACE TO BE!

Emmington used to be a nice country lane until the dreaded Lots-of-money man moved in with his big ridiculously expensive modern house moved there! Its completely out of place and people around find the noise of his HELLICOPTER! Very disturbing… The people living opposite his house at Manor Farm find him extremely annoying!… There they are with their mini zoo of chickens, cockerels, ducks, & cats…. And there he is with his out of place blooming mansion!… The people at Manor Farm have a extremely humungous pond for the ducks & their many chicken houses but what really annoys them is that if Mr Perfect across the road sees a lovely little chicken on his precious land then he WILL shoot it! Selfish fool!
Off the subject of Mr Perfect its also found annoying to the lovely people at Manor Farm when random people just walk into their garden and set up a picnic. The result of this rudeness sometimes is that 15 year old anti **** Angel and her friend end up having the last word! E.g. “Excuse me! GET OFF MY LAND! PISS OFF!” That got rid of them!
Quite funnily you also see horses riding up there little road “Emmington Only” and you think.. Wow that suit’s the scene then to notice they’ve got their hair slapped back wearing new **** obsession Burberry… Also you’ll find their texting…
You have 20 walk about 3 miles to the closest shop Spar in Chinnor which is also A “**** town” not that Emmington can be classed as a town though… If you do ever find yourself in Emmington drop in at Manor Farm for a picnic…

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