Hmm Elm Park, a ‘lovely’ little suburban town(almost village) situated in the Essex/Greater London Green Belt, between Dagenham and Hornchurch. The kind of place that young families could move to and love!!! Elm Park has an offering of good schools, fairly good local shops,restaurants, nice parks and places for kids to play and within close proximity to the Tube and travel to central London in just 45mins. An over 60’s Eastenders retirement Paradise??? I moved away in 1985 and have just returned to vistit family in this charming little Suburban Town. “Ahhh” Elm Park, what a nice place to live in…well it was!!! That was before the little ****** **** scurried from the sewers to occupy the whole town. The 5-12 year olds sit on the South side of the Hill(where the tube station is). There’s normally about 15 of them wearing baseball caps, sportwear the usual ****** crass clothing shouting racist abuse at the Asian Newsagents. I drove past in my car last week and they screamed at me with hate in their eyes. A child of around 5yrs old (not an exaggeration!!) wearing an American Football shirt and a Gold chain stared me out and chased my car?? Bear in mind I’m a 35 year old woman, not a teenager driving aggressively. The Police have to guard the local station every single day and they even have to patrol the railway tracks in a Helicopter just incase these idiots place something on the rails to endanger others. 2 weeks ago the caught fire to the railway footbridge, so no-body bothers using it anymore.

On the more affluent side of the hill you get the 12-16 year old ******** Scuz -****, they can normally be found drinking outside the local pub simply entitled “THE ELM PARK” (just to make it easier for them to spell). They normally sit on their ‘often stolen’ scooters intimidating passers by.

How has this happened? How have these little **** managed to run a Town and where are their parents? why aren’t they doing anything about it? Or is it the parents we have to blame?? Were they going out doing E’s in the late eightees, early ninetees getting Nanny to babysit whilst they got ‘nutted’ in some rave somewhere and managed to get a few hours sleep before the kids went back Monday? Coulnd’t be bothered with the kids?? Or are they from the “let the kid do as he/she wants” breed, “spoil ’em rotten”. Is it all these Musical acts like “The Streets”/So Solid?? What a crock of violent, low intelect *****. I’d love to know?? I was brought up in the 70’s and 80’s where we had morals and respect and allthough we were disruptive, it was pretty harmless stuff to innocent passers by(except skinheads in the early 80’s but they were a minority). These kids have no single identity and so desperatley want to look “hard” they are all clones of eachother…is it to confuse the police?? How can ChavRat **** run a town??? It’s such a shame 🙁

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Elm Park

This tiny town based around a railway station, has become one of the hottest places for ***** to hang out. And why not with such activities as: sitting on a wall, getting pissed underneath the bridge, nicking sandwiches from the bakers and smashing shop windows. Elm Park has a history of racial attacks and unprovoked violence, making it the ideal spot for any **** night out.

Top 50 worst places to live in England 2022 as voted for by you