Elm Park (East London)

Elm Park is a town in East London, in the London Borough of Havering. The town’s station is on the District Line of the London Underground in between Hornchurch and Dagenham East. I have moved to a small flat here from nearby Barking. My old neighbours from Barking are black and I still keep in touch with them as I happen to be good friends with them and still enjoy a good chat. However, I have recently been having to return to Barking to visit them instead as the local gangs of Elm Park that hang around that do not share the same opinions on ethnic people as I do, and my old neighbours have experienced racial “bullying” on more than one occasion on their way home, in turn, feeling “frightened” to visit me which I find rather upsetting.

The simple way I find to describe an “Elm Parker” is as one of my other friends put it, “Cockney, loud, racist, BNP and West Ham United” – need I say more? Elm Park is definitely a town of decline. All the streets in this town from Elms Farm Road, Rosebank Avenue to Dunningford Close, Carnforth Gardens to Elm Park Avenue, Warren Drive and Diban Court (where I live) and of course “Elm Park Hill” (what the entire town seems to be famous for – otherwise known as “East London’s Takeaway Central” where all the **** from surrounding roads mentioned seem to hang around) – i’l be leaving soon, for more reasons than one. Even as you journey into London as you go through Elm Park it is the first station where you can spot graffiti. Not only this but it is also the first station in London to have the need of classical music being played in order to try and stop the local hooligans from ******* around causing havoc on top of “The Hill” (which actually happens to be a BRIDGE????)

My ambition is to move to somewhere further out of London when I can get some money together – I want to get out of this dive.

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