Edenbridge – Bah

South East

Where the ****’s are pikeyish, and the ****** are worse. All this and more at the local Co-Op store.

Edenbridge, situated in the heart of the Home Counties, has played host to various well known people throught out history. Henry VIII lived just a few miles down the road from here. presumably thats when things started going wrong. The main **** boom happened in edenbridge in about 2000, or atleast thats when I first noticed it, I was still in secondary education at the time and slowly but surely Reebok Classics were making more of an appearance in P.E. lessons. Eventually came the football season, we turned up for P.E. once again, it was cold, as winter should be, and there they were. The trackies tucked into the socks. I was confused at the time, but now I just laugh at their idiocy. Eventually schooling ended for most of us, some people, myself included, stayed on to do Higher education, where as the ***** population discovered that the Co-Op is lit outside at night and decided to hang out there. Why Co-Op? I mean it’s hardly fun. When not outside Co-Op though they can be found drinking in The Willows, Edenbridge’s foremost under-age pub, and when they’re not In the pub, they’re usually behind it doingf drugs of somekind. Oh the joy of Edenbridge. I’m glad i’m not going to be here for that much longer. Hurrah!

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