Eastbourne-The **** Cancer

East SussexSouth East

Eastbourne a lovely, quiet little place. Surely not a haven for *****?
To be blunt but true, Eastbourne is infected with this ****. Since the rise of Hip Hop we all quietly took in the fact that something was coming, something that would piss us off more then Bill Ody; something we now know as the ****.
Eastbourne WAS once a lovely place, it WAS once a quite place, but now since the take over many of us decide to order our food online then bare the abuse of walking outside.
I’ve lived in Eastbourne for near enough 15years, most of my life. And like you all, the begining here was nice, the summers warm, the winters cold but lovely, but within the next years the ***** would creep out the gutters and attack Eastbourne, many people rebeled against this, creating goths, grungers and skaters but most failed leaving only the majority of grungers left. The rest retreated to places like Impact Gaming, to scared to leave their computer screen and sooner or later relising that there once great town has been so infected that theyve been reduced to pale skin and greasy hair.
Some people fought back but only to be sucked into the **** riegn creating **** skaters and worste yet the chemo.
Soon came the Emo nothing more but a boy in make up and tight clothes. I myself am very prodominant “metal head” and i am all for individuality but the creation of Emo has become nothing more but a crappy joke. ***** soon found out the creation of Emo and slaughtered it in a few hours. The ***** in Eastbourne are smarter then then the average **** they know that make up+tight jeans=*****, they ****** the emo in five seconds. That soon created a bad name for anyone with long hair, every boy with long hair even if it wasnt that long was soon called an Emo, making us a laughing joke.
As Eastbournes ***** grew more and more, the power to rebel is growing greater and greater.
Eastbourne is now becoming a huge boxing ring, though during day time you can walk safetly and spot a few *****, walk through the town at night time and you’ll see brawl after brawl. The town that was once filled with happy people is now dying from the inside, its infected. The police force is a joke, made up of crooks and drug dealers, Eastbourne can be a paradise and be a hell. Want a place with no law? no order? Eastbourne is yours. BUT the constant barage of kids with knives and wannabe drug dealers with a so called price to pay, Eastbourne is hell.
Next time you visit Eastbourne dont look at the surface look at the cold hard center, there within lies the truth.

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