East Kilbride Town Centre is ideal if your brain has a very low IQ and can not think in a sensible mannor, if you wish to become a grouse beater then East Kilbride town centre is the place for you extremley hostile people very un friendly and selfish if any one is deciding in spending a night out in East Kilbride Town centre be warned recently highlightes as being worst place in the county through local press for attempted murders  serious assualts ,etc not nice people in the slightest due to there backward education if you need to spend a night out travel to edinburgh or glasgow merchant city decent class of educated people not grousebeaters  that are likewise in east kilbride town centre  little people who think there clever but really are quite pathetic the village is ok a bit better than the town centre area be warned extremley hostile and un welcoming to strangers they should have filmed the wicker man in east kilbride town centre. STAY AWAY NOT a safe place

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