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Only used to be home to an average amount of chavs who used to reside around the leisure centre, atrium complex and parks, for the younger ones, and the older ones hung out at specific chav pubs, the white lion, game bird and the base. But with Chav towns of legend Crawley, crawley down and copthorne nearby the influx of mass chavdom was inevitable. And it happend. They came en mass. the chav pubs closed to make way for a McDonalds, and other chav pubs erupted. The sports shop that sells nothing of any value sporty (but does have a nice range of white trainers) appeared.

Local chav spots now include the entire high street (at night only-obviously except for H samuel, how else would they get their cheap gold), outside the infamous billie roks (renamed from jumping jaks) – looking for fights, McDonalds, and the parks and leisure centres.

The car bound Chav, with his underlit, bodykitted, chaved exhaust, blacked out windowed 1.4 saxo or 106 can be seen cruising the streets and parked up at delightfull car parks to show off their horrible and slow cars. East Grinstead seems to escape these at night though as they decide to “cruise” to the nearby Chav central towns such as Crawley to start fights and race other body kitted slow cars. Or they head to deserted car parks on the nearby forrest and resivoir in order to service their chavettes in style. Older chavs have a higher upmarket car, such as impreza.

Some local residents have started a “fight back” with a mass influx of police specials that stand and do nothing when fights start (because they havent the rights) to the local residents with a speed gun that send a letter if your caught speeding.

The towns only hope seems in the most unlikely form. The massive amounts of charity shops in the high street and obscure unlikely shops seems to keep a lot of the chavs at bay during the day, and also the location of a number of strange religions and history in the town could be used to aid the fight against the chavs. Personally id just shoot them all.

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