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Where to find ***** in dursley..or where to avoid ***** when they are in their ‘possies’. There are many places in Dursley..a big hit for the younger generation is Kwik-Save. They hang around in their crews of 20-50 waiting for one of there middle aged **** of a mothers to come and by them a trolley full of cheap brands of acohol and cigarettes. This usually consists of white lightening, casino(cheaper version of lambrini), and a huge cheap bottle of vodka..oh and the **** are normally Richmond superkings. They hang there critisising everyone that walks past, occasionally with one of the slightly richer ***** going to the chippy and using there dope money to buy a bag of chips simply because they havn’t eaten for a few days. What the point in eating when you hav alcohol, **** and dope?! Then when they have saved up for a few weeks they might be able to afford £3.50 to get into capones, a grubby back-street pub owned by fat, greek wannabes Bambo and Stavros. All you can hear within 1mile of Capones are the same ‘bangin tunes’ played by the ‘blingin’ DJ Si Fullard. Dursley town center consists mainly of charity shops, where all the ***** flock to get there nike goodies (nike shox, trakkies, hoodies e.c.t). Usually you can tell when there are a bunch of ***** in one of there mates ‘cribs’ because all of them are ahnging out of the windows, ‘proper’ pi$$ed, stoned to the eyeballs with MC Mickey Finn blasting out of the cheap, scabby sound systems.

Thats just a slight insight to Chavsley. It’s only a small town but consists of thousands of the **** ****. Be careful when you park your car if it’s an expensive car because you’ll come out and they’ll have nicked the wheels. Also take care when walking anywhere alone because a gang of them will ambush you, even if it’s only for a tenner. That’ll get them an 18th of hash i guess!!

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