Dunstable, Beds

BedfordshireEast Anglia

Jesus if there is one place that should be used for testing nukes then this is “Da Town!”

i’ve lived in Chesham and High Wycombe but the C**v population exceeds anything my peepers have ever seen!

Firstly it starts with the wannabes, 13, 14 ,15 year olds, burberry caps, matching Tracksuits and glistening white trainers! but the thing that gets right up my hooter is the fact that……..THEY TUCK THEIR TRACKIES IN THEIR SOCKS!!!!….>WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING!!! its not fashionable unless your a 47 year old riding your racing bike to work!!

Secondly its spread into the pubs, the White Horse being a bad example…having only lived here for 8 weeks and luckly not for very much longer, i’ve come to realise that the white horse (and many other pubs as well) are a C**V HEAVEN!!…screwball faced, pizza skined, wafer built little t*****s who decide that the idea of a good weekend is singing backstreet boys on kareoke while swiggin back cider.

If you ever have the misfortune to venture to this wonderful place of misery, then one word of advice for you…….TURN BACK!!

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