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chavs, no longer a dieing breed. in todays society they rome the lands like the buffallow thousands of years before them; and like the buffallow, they should be hunted and destroyed…….however, do not eat, they may contain several harmful deseases.

chavs of downton and woodfalls are located in two key areas, one being Moot Lane. this is a lane not many sane people venture down….it is the land of the council estate. few buses even venture down the hairy streets, and if so they put the special army grade armour cladding on the busses, ready for the anslaught of spit from passing chavs simply because they ‘dont like the colour of the bus’ or ‘that one looked at my funny’. rumour has it that more of the tax payers money has been spent on the armour clad busses than on jordens tits……WOW.

woodfalls, the epicenter of the chavs, if they are not ‘chillin’ in moot lane then they are ‘crusin’ up to woodfalls. the main chav locations is the estate behind the 3 takeaways (one of which was jumped by a chav not too long ago. the culpret after beating the service man to a subtle pulp is rumoured to have said ‘hmm, now batman, lets go spit on a bus….’) the estate is vast, and even by the chavs super human ability to expand (the femme chav) and multiply it seems the depth of this estate wil never bee truely eaten away.

slightly off the point, inbetween moot lane and woodfalls is the lode hill sight. this is not home to chavs, but to kakkers. making a come back form the 1970’s kakkers are ofter beed to be acting like the average chav, but with less decore. i was very lucky tthe other day to see the two rival families k***s and the c*****s fight out a historic battle, not with the firsts for once, but this time on the football pitch, the whole two families turned out for the ledgendary k***s VS. c*****s match, including all 7 john k***s. it was a spectilce to remember, i tried to take photos, but the camara i was using broke itsself, rather than to take pictures of that.

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