Downham Market


Ive lived here all my life and I hate it TBH.

I’ll go forward in time order.

During my childhood (I’m now 18 with no GCSEs by the way) I was thretend to death 3 times. twice by the 2 gangs that operate (with knives) and once by a VERY ****** council housed ***** with a shouvel who chased me home. Thers a certan kid in downham nowadays called xxxx and hes been doing drugs and hasling people and **** forever but he’s not even in juvvy yet.

How grim is your Postcode?

Not only was i thretnd to deth i was thretend into doing stupid things becaus i got myself into  gang and went round being a little ****.

BTW: dont go down the howdale rec area at night, theres always gangs of youths drinking cider and being antisocial.

The high school is the biggest ******** ive been to, it fails all it’s inspecitions and looses nearly 200 pupils every year (altho about that many more ***** move in anyway). People hav attempted suicide there, been taken to intensive care after fights (there is huge rushes and riots to get to a fight,and they happen much more than just weekly). there has been students drunk running around with knives aswell.

So Im now sitting here in my shity civray estate council flat wonderng why i didnt just run away to somwere better to actualy get GCSEs

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