Downham (Kent)

“Downham, Home to every Nesbit ****** ******* the Kent area can offer!! One big estate of ****. (If there is a Hell this is it)

This charming area has everything a Nesbitius Inbredius could want!!!! A Pub called the Tigers Head which often has great theme nights like smash in ya mates face with a bottle, vomit on the bus stop and **** up the local’s plus when the pub closes their is more fun to be had in the kebab shop next door where you can hear the famous words uttered by the male species to the female Oi show us ya Kebab!!!!!!!! And “***** wanna suck me ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s easy to spot the Nesbitius species from the locals by its looks and behaviour. The male has a pale spotty appearance and looks like a thin streak of piss often wearing a large hoody bumping into things cos they cant see where there going (or maybe cos their so pissed on cheap cider) The female tends to be around 12 with 3 ****** **** brats at her feet and 2 Staffordshire bull terriers and a voice so loud you can hear her in Lewisham, dressed in a lovely attire of black legging so tight that you can see the cellulite on her big fat ****! A dirty tee shirt and high heel shoes which she thinks make her look more upmarket!!!!!!!

How grim is your Postcode?

The locals can often be seen running from their houses to their cars to avoid bumping into one of these ****** *******! Unfortunately as the entire population of the estate is so ****** they never leave due to the fact they can only navigate to the end of the estate.

In all the area is ideal for any ****, Nesbit and gang-sta wanabee ****’s.
A great non working class area for the up and coming Nesbit ****** ******* with local benefits office, takeaway shops and loads of corners for the ****** youth to hang out on and smoke spiffs while their mothers sit in doors with the windows open playing Crazy frogs new album so loud the whole street can hear while having another snort of cocaine.

So if you’re in the area why not drop in just follow the loud music ****** and the annoying packs of Nesbit ******* on monkey bikes!!!!!! And if you’re lucky you might even catch a midnight street party where they all stand in the street and shout and throw things at each other, they even have disco lights in the form of the local police car sirens.

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